How do I print?

Printing from your laptop

See How do I print from my laptop.

Printing from one of the Tisch computers

You can print from all library computer workstations. 

  • Double-sided/duplex printing is the default print mode.  If you wish to print single-sided:
    • Select "Print" from the "File" menu.
    • In MS Word, click "Properties" or in IE click "Preferences" from the print window
    • Locate the "Printing Shortcuts" tab
    • Select "General Everyday Printing" and say "OK"
  • Name and retrieve your print job:
    • Once you select number of copies or other print settings from the print window, click "OK"
    • Enter your name (or Tufts username), a name for the document
    • Go to one of the B&W or the Color Printer, depending on what you chose, and swipe your Tufts ID or Jumbocash Guest Card
    • In the options that appear, find your name and/or the name of the document you are printing
    • If you are ready to print and have the cost deducted from your card, click "Next" or "Enter.

Please note: Once you have sent a document to the printer, you have six hours to print it before it is deleted from the print queue. Black & White print jobs can be released at any Tufts black and white printer. Color print jobs can be released at a Tufts color printer.



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