Help with citations

Major Citation Styles





Additional styles for sciences, engeering and mathematics are included in the Tufts Libraries Citing Sources research guide

Citation Managers

Citation management tools help keep you organized when you are searching for information and writing papers. They make the citation process easier by allowing you to print your citation list in proper format with very little work on your part.

Note: After careful consideration of the costs, usage statistics, and alternative options, Tisch Library has decided that we will be discontinuing our RefWorks license for the Tufts community, as of Dec 31, 2019.

Contact a librarian for help with citation managers or unusual citation situations, such as:

  • I found a key resource via Twitter.  Do I cite the tweet, the source it led me to, or both?
  • How do I cite a data set that I used to produce a map in GIS software?
  • How do I cite a document that is classified and cannot be viewed by my readers?