How to search for and find articles

I'm trying to find articles about a certain topic.


Searching for new articles:

 Use databases to search for articles published in scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers.  Databases are searchable collections of information--some are very broad in nature, while others are for specific subjects.  Many databases provide information about articles but also the full text of the articles themselves.

What database(s) should I use?

Use Research Guides to help make a selection.

See a list of databases

Use the Database A-Z list for a list. Includes descriptions.

Can I look for a single database?

Use the library catalog to find any database you need to use or locate it using the Database A-Z list.

I'm looking for a specific article

Do you know/have the citation for the article you need? If you know the title of the journal you want to use (where your article(s) are published) search the library catalog for it.  The catalog will link you to the journal online and/or give you the call number for the location in the library.

You can also check the ejournals A-Z list to see if the title is linked there.



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