How do I get the full text of an article?

Finding the full-text of an article differs slightly depending on whether you're using JumboSearch, one of our other article databases, or Google Scholar:

Full text from Jumbosearch

If you find a "Citation Only" item, you'll get a screen which looks like this.

Jumbosearch example

Select "Request" and follow the directions to place an interlibrary loan request.

Full text from other Tufts databases

First, look for a PDF or "HTML Full Text" option for any articles you want to read. Sometimes databases put these in odd places or small text.

If that doesn't work, find and click the Find it @ Tufts button.  Find it @ Tufts will do one of four things.

  1. Open the article in another database.
  2. Give you a list of databases with electronic versions. If you get a list of databases, any link should work.
  3. Give you a call number and location if we have the article in print or on microfilm.
  4. Give you a link to request the article by interlibrary loan

Find It at Tufts example

Full Text From Google Scholar

When you're on campus wifi or connected to the campus network our subscription databases will mostly recognize you and give you access. From off-campus, If you set your Google Scholar library preferences to Tufts you'll often see "Get This Item At Tufts" links, and you can follow those to full text in either electronic or print form. Links from Google Scholar sometimes don't work, or don't appear. In that case you best bet is to search for what you want in Jumbosearch.

Google Scholar settings example


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