Journals & Articles

Online Journals

See a list of all the online journals you can access. 

You can search for articles within these journals by using a database.

Use library databases to search for articles

Databases allow you to search for information across many journals and other publications via one search. 

Using JumboSearch, you can access most library subscriptions.

Using individual, discipline-specific databases, you can further drill into topics and related literature.  To identify individual databases, use Research Guides.  If you already know the database you want to use, locate it on the Databases A-Z list.

Want to search a specific journal for articles?

Does Tufts have access to the journal?  If you know the journal you're looking for, use Journal Search.  

Looking for a specific article?

Do you know/have the citation for the article you need?  If you know the title of the article, search for it in JumboSearch.

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