We have many books available online. When you search in Jumbosearch, the results list will let you know if we have a title available as an ebook or not.

After you run a search, click on a title in the results list to see what version(s) we have, and where to locate them.

screenshot of search result in catalog

In this example, after clicking on the title, you can see that this book is available as a print book and an ebook.

screenshot of catalog result of book with print and e-version

To access the ebook, click on the "Online access" link to be taken to the book. We have books from many different sources, and the process of accessing, reading, and downloading the book on different platforms varies quite a bit. If you have any trouble getting what you need, please let us know!

If we don't have a book that you need for your work, please suggest a purchase.

You can find all of our ebooks in the catalog. If you'd like to search ebook collections directly, here are a few options:

  • Safari Books: an online, searchable collections of books on technology, including the O'Reilly series
  • SpringerLink: books in a variety of disciplines published by Springer
  • Cambridge Core: books published by Cambridge University Press. Check the box for "Only search content I have access to"
  • HathiTrust Digital Library: millions of books on a variety of subjects, out-of-copyright books are full-text, copyrighted books are search-only


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