World Newsreels Online: 1929-1966

World Newsreels Online (1929-1966) offers a rich resource of original newsreels. This collection has: original Japanese newsreels with English transcripts comes from Nippon News; the March of Time series from 1929 until 1966; United Newsreels featuring 200 hours of content from 1929 to 1946; Dutch newsreels from 1939 to 1945 showing how propaganda was used in occupied counties; French newsreels Les Actualites Mondiales and France Actualites from Vichy 1942-44; France Libre Actualites 1944-1945 segments from offshoot of the French Resistance; and Les Actualités Francaise, selections from the 1945-1969 series in which the French state discussed war topics, consequences, and reconstruction.

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