Where are Fiction Books?

Leisure Reading
We have a small collection of leisure reading materials in the Tower Cafe and are experimenting with a new program to partner with independent bookstores to bring more popular fiction to Tisch.  Browse the shelves of the New Books area to see additional fiction selected by a local bookstore.

Fiction in the Stacks
The majority of the fiction can be found in the main stacks (Level 1), arranged using the Library of Congress classification system. For example, American authors are located in the PS call number range and Chinese authors in the PL call number range. 

We have a large collection, so browsing it is tough.  Try using JumboSearch to locate fiction.  Use a subject heading search for "Fiction" or "Short stories."  Popular genres of fiction often have their own subject headings, such as "Horror tales," "Science fiction," "Love stories," "Dectective and mystery fiction."  Another tip: you can refine your results by adding themes, nationalities, locations (e.g. "Fantasy fiction" and "Schools"; "California" and "Fiction").


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