Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What projects are eligible for the award?

    Projects or papers completed for 1) Tufts classes taken to fulfill the college writing requirement, 2) Tufts classes at the 001-099 level, 3) Tufts classes at the 100-199 level and 4) independent research efforts. All formats are eligible, including but not limited to research papers, videos, posters, presentations, lab manuals, inventions, business plans and proposals. Not sure if your project is eligible? Contact the awards committee at We are happy to help. Entries may come from a single author or represent the work of a group of students in a class. Group prizes will be split among members.

  2. My project won’t be completed by the deadline. Can I submit an incomplete project? How about a first draft? How about a chapter from my senior thesis?

    We want to see your best work and encourage you to wait until next year to submit a complete project. However, if a chapter of your senior thesis will stand on its own, we will accept it. Be aware that any incomplete senior thesis submissions will be judged using the same criteria as completed projects.

  3. My project was completed for a course that took place before the eligibility period. Can you make an exception and consider my project for this year’s award?

    Sorry, no.

  4. I’ve graduated but completed my research project during the semesters indicated under Eligibility. Is my project eligible?

    Sorry, no. You must be a currently enrolled student through the end of Spring 2020 to receive the award.

  5. My project was co-authored or co-created with my professor. Is it eligible?

    If the project was created outside of the regular work of the course, it is eligible under the independent research effort category.

  6. I haven't yet completed the course for which the project was done. Is my project eligible?

    Yes. Even if you haven’t completed the course yet, the project you completed for it is eligible for the award.

  7. I dropped the class, but did the research and completed my project. Is my project eligible?

    Yes. Even if you dropped the class, the project you completed while enrolled is eligible for the award.

  8. Does a project completed for independent study qualify?


  9. I'm an undergraduate, but I completed my project for a graduate class. May I apply?

    Yes, but if a group is applying they must all be undergraduates.

  10. I'm not a Tufts undergraduate, but I'm studying here as part of a Special Registration Program (e.g. cross-registration, education abroad, etc).

    Sorry, no. Only currently enrolled Tufts students are eligible for the award.

  11. If my project is in a language other than English, will it be eligible?

    Yes, but please contact the contact the awards committee at for additional guidance.

  12. Is my senior thesis eligible?

    Yes. (See question #2 for incomplete work if applicable.)

  13. Can I apply as an individual and a member of a group in the same year?

    You may submit only one individually-authored project per year. If you have one individually-authored project as well as an eligible group project you may submit both. Alternately, if you were involved in more than one group project, you can submit each project unless the membership of the group is exactly the same.

  14. Can I apply in more than one category (FYWP, 001-099, 100-199, Independent Research Effort)?

    No single author or group made up of the same members may apply to more than one category.

  15. I would like to tweak a paper that has already been graded and submit it. Is this acceptable?

    Since you will need an instructor recommendation to apply, the project that you submit should be discussed with that instructor, and he or she should be aware of any changes that have been made since the time the project was graded.

  16. Can I submit a DVD or a piece of art? Or a speech?

    We accept materials in all formats. For details on how to submit various formats, contact the awards committee at

  17. The person who knows the most about my research is not the faculty instructor but a teaching or research assistant. Must the letter of recommendation come from the faculty member in charge of the course or research project?

    Yes. We feel that the faculty member, as an expert in the field, is best placed to discuss the academic merit and originality of your project. 

  18. My professor didn't ask us to make a bibliography for the project I am submitting. What should I do?

    No problem. If it doesn't make sense for you to create one now, contact the committee to figure out some other way to document your sources.

  19. What do you mean by library resources?

    Library resources include, but are not limited to, the millions of print and electronic books, journals, databases, data sets, CDs, DVDs, and special collections we own or subscribe to in Tisch Library, the Lilly Music Library, or the W. Van Alan Clark, Jr. Library at the SMFA or that you can borrow from other libraries. We also encourage you to use the expertise of library staff and mention in your essay if you met with a library staff member.

  20. Is there a length requirement or maximum for a project?


  21. Who are the evaluators?

    The evaluators are staff from Tisch Library.

  22. Will you return all the documents that I submit?

    No, please retain copies for your records.

  23. If I receive an award, will it impact my financial aid?

    No. However, you may need to complete an IRS 1099 Form and report the prize as taxable income. For more information contact the Financial Aid office.

  24. What is the institutional repository?

    The institutional repository, the Tufts Digital Library, is Tufts’ system for collecting, preserving, and making findable theses, dissertations, and other scholarship produced by Tufts community members. The repository is maintained by Tisch Library and Digital Collections and Archives (DCA), who work closely with faculty, staff, and students to add items to the repository.

  25. I am a member of the faculty and have been asked to write a letter of support. Are there any guidelines?

    The recommendation form can be found here. Please contact the awards committee at with any questions you have about completing it.

  26. I am a member of the faculty and would like to nominate a student paper. Do I let the student know or will you do that?

    Please contact the student so s/he can complete the application process.

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