Photography & Filming in the Library

Photography and Filming must be arranged through Library Administration

Because the library is a public study space for use by all students, it is important that filming activities do not impinge unduly on the rights of students to study quietly. All filming and photography activities in the Tisch Library are arranged and coordinated through the Library Administration Office, in order to minimize disruption of the normal activities of the library. No film location requests will be approved which disrupt the activities of the library. 

Request to film and take photographs in the library must be made in writing to Library Administration one week before filming and must include the dates and times you want to shoot. Download the filming and photography request form and send it to the library administration office for approval. 

Filming will take place only at low-peak times, Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM and not too close to or during exam weeks. If you have questions please contact Library Administration.

About approved filming

Crews may come in ahead of time to quietly scout out the area and plan their shoot. During the shoot, crews should be small, unobtrusive, and relatively quiet. Film crews are restricted to filming only in the agreed upon locations.

Library property: Films crews must respect Library property, and not move, rearrange or remove any materials, furniture, without specific permission to do so from Library Administration. Any expense related to repair or cleanup required after the shoot will be charged to the person in charge of the production.

By signing the request form, you have agreed with the conditions outlined above. If this agreement is violated, you will no longer be permitted to film or take photographs in Tisch Library.

Advanced approval is not needed for:

  • taking a few pictures of sculpture or artwork (not people) in the library which does not require advance notification or the attached form.
  • brief filming or photography done by parents/prospective students on library tours.

Students, faculty, staff or visitors may not be filmed without written consent. Photos for publication should be identified by artist's name (see label on art work) with a citation that they are part of the Tufts University Permanent Art Collection.



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