A Conversation with Mary Morris, J69, & Presentation of the Maxine N. Gordon, J70, Book Prize

Tisch Library presents…

A Conversation with Mary Morris, J69

& Presentation of the 20th Annual Maxine N. Gordon, J70, Book Prize


Wednesday, March 24th, 2021


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Tisch Library is pleased to present a virtual conversation with award-winning writer and Tufts alumna Mary Morris. Author of novels, story collections, and several acclaimed memoirs including 2020’s All the Way to the Tigers, Mary will join us to share her insights and experience with the process of writing.

In a recent Tufts Now profile, Mary discusses the influence of reading in her life and how engaging with stories inspired her to write, observing that “A book or a story can deepen or challenge our sense of self.” You can find out more about her books, artwork, travel experience, and more on her website.

The event will kick off with the presentation of the 20th annual Maxine N. Gordon, J70, Book Prize. Each year, the Chair of the Mathematics Department awards the prize to a major who has demonstrated a love of reading, literature and poetry.

This is a virtual event – please register in advance here. There will be a Q&A session directly following Mary’s talk.


About All the Way to the Tigers:

In February 2008 a casual afternoon of ice skating derailed the trip of a lifetime. Mary Morris was on the verge of a well-earned sabbatical, but instead she endured three months in a wheelchair, two surgeries, and extensive rehabilitation. On Easter Sunday, when she was supposed to be in Morocco, Morris was instead lying on the sofa reading Death in Venice, casting her eyes over these words again and again: “He would go on a journey. Not far. Not all the way to the tigers.” Disaster shifted to possibility and Morris made a decision. When she was well enough to walk again (and her doctor wasn’t sure she ever would), she would go “all the way to the tigers.”

So begins a three-year odyssey that takes Morris to India in search of the world’s most elusive apex predator. […] Morris connects deeply with these magnificent and highly endangered animals, and her weeks on tiger safari also afford a new understanding of herself. Written in over a hundred short chapters, All the Way to the Tigers offers an elegiac, wry, and wise look at a woman on the road and the glorious, elusive creature she seeks.


7:45am - 9:00pm