HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Program Concludes Friday, 9/18

Ending the HathiTrust ETAS Program: Restarting Print Check-outs 

With the Tufts Libraries in various stages of re-opening their libraries and collections to our school communities, it’s time to turn off HathiTrust ETAS.  The program has ended as of  Friday, September 18th, 2020. Tufts students, faculty, and staff will be able to check out books, rather than access the digital copy in HathiTrust.   

What is HathiTrust ETAS? 

The HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) program is an emergency program that Tufts joined back in the spring when the campus libraries were closed.  The program provided access to digital copies of books already scanned by other HathiTrust members that match print versions we hold in our libraries at Tufts.  Due to copyright laws, while we had Hathi ETAS access turned on, we could not lend our copies of print books that were available in Hathi.

What will happen when we turned off HathiTrust ETAS? 

Members of the Tufts community will be able to check out print books that matched those records we had access to in Hathi ETAS. We have removed links to the HathiTrust digital versions from JumboSearch.  We no longer have access to the digital copies of those in-copyright books through the HathiTrust platform.  These digital books were marked "temporary access" when signed into Hathi Trust.

We continue to be members of HathiTrust. We still have our regular member benefits: “full view” access to materials in the public domain or available through Creative Commons licenses, and “limited (search only)” access to copyrighted books in the HathiTrust collection. 

I have a HathiTrust book linked from Canvas, what should I do? 

If the book is required reading for your course, we will try to purchase an e-book copy of the book, or as part of our COVID Reserves pilot, we may be able to scan portions of the book for you. See our update on Course Reserves for more info. 

What options for check-out do I have? 

The libraries at Tufts are working hard to provide a safe and easy check-out experience, and are developing alternatives for folks who cannot visit the libraries in person.

AS&E students, faculty and staff have ID card tap access to visit Tisch Library (visit the library). 

 We have contact-less pick up options, or you can browse the stacks and bring materials to the front desk for check-out.  Very soon, we will have self-checkout options in the lobby of Tisch or available via an app. 

 The scan & deliver service allows you to request that we scan up to 2 chapters from items in our collection and email them to you. 

 For those faculty and students who are not able to come to Tisch in person because they are fully remote, we are looking into options like mailing materials and limited full-book scanning (controlled digital lending). In the meantime, if you have questions about your particular situation, please connect with us and we can brainstorm options:

Check the webpages of the Lilly Music Library and the W. Van Alan Clark, Jr. Library (SMFA) for the latest information on available services and the best ways to gain access to those collections.



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