Tufts University Libraries Endorse MIT Framework for Publisher Contracts

The Tufts University Libraries affirmatively endorse the MIT Framework for Publisher Contracts to guide negotiations with scholarly publishers. The framework outlines principles that align with our goal of working with publishers to ensure open, equitable and sustainable access to scholarly research: reserving author copyright; adding Tufts faculty scholarship to our institutional repository; ensuring long-term digital preservation of content; and fair, sustainable and transparent pricing models. Library collections are critical infrastructure for University research and scholarship. The Libraries are committed to working with our colleagues at other institutions to achieve a more sustainable model for licensing and accessing scholarly content.  

Tufts University Libraries support open access to scholarship and will continue to advocate for a more open scholarly communications system.  We believe that working with our colleagues on this shared vision is the best path to creating a scholarly communications ecosystem where open access is the publishing norm, not the exception. We commend the MIT Libraries for their leadership in this effort.

October 30, 2019


7:45am - 1:00am