Fall 19 Textbook Reserves

We are putting the required textbooks for the following courses on reserve in Tisch for Fall 2019:

  • ARB-0001: Elementary Modern Standard Arabic
  • BIO-0013: Organisms & populations w/lab
  • CH-0001: Intro to Community Health
  • CH-0030: Community Health Methods
  • CHEM-0001: Chem Principles w/lab
  • CHEM-0051: Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM-0053: Organic Chemistry I Lab
  • CSHD-0001: Child Study & Human Development
  • EC-0012: Intermediate Macro Theory
  • HIST-0053: Europe to 1815
  • MATH-0032: Calculus I
  • MATH-0034: Calculus II
  • PHY-0011: General Physics I w/lab
  • PS-0061: Intro to International Relations
  • PSY-0001: Intro to Psychology
  • SOC-0001: Intro to Sociology
  • SPN-0001: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPN-0002: Elementary Spanish II
  • SPN-0003: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPN-0022: Composition/Conversation II