New Exhibit, What our Faculty are Reading: The Remarkable Life of William Beebe

This exhibit is the first of a new series entitled What our Faculty are Reading – where we will feature books that Tufts faculty have enjoyed. This month, we are highlighting a fascinating read from the table of Dr. Michael Reed (Professor of Biology) entitled The Remarkable Life of William Beebe: Explorer and Naturalist. William Beebe (1877-1962) was many things: ornithologist, marine biologist, explorer and writer. He penned many books and articles over the course of his career, and was the best known American nature writer of his time. He is considered one of the founders of the field of ecology.

Dr. Reed says:

"I am a field ecologist and ornithologist interested in the diversity of life and its conservation. William Beebe was first an ornithologist and ecologist, so I feel an affinity for his work. Beebe revolutionized field research in the tropics, and pioneered understanding species within the context of all the others species in a small area. Later in his life, Beebe brought the same approach to discovery and understanding to studies of marine systems. At one point, when making a record-setting plunge in a diving bell, Beebe was broadcast live to radios around the world, and the world was listening.  Much to admire."

In 1928, Beebe was awarded an honorary degree from Tufts, in recognition of his “literary gifts” in communicating scientific research in an approachable way.

Visit the Tisch Library lobby to “check out” our collection of works written by and about William Beebe, now through February 22nd!

William Beebe Exhibit


10:00am - 9:00pm