Spring19 Textbook Reserves

We are putting the required textbooks for the following courses on reserve in Tisch for Spring 2019:

  • ARB-0002: Elementary Modern Standard Arabic
  • BIO-0014: Organisms & populations w/lab
  • CH-0001: Intro to Community Health
  • CH-0030: Community Health Methods
  • CH-0056: Intro to Global Health
  • CHEM-0002: Chem Principles w/lab
  • CHEM-0012: General Chemistry
  • CHEM-0051: Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM-0052: Organic Chemistry II
  • CHEM-0053: Organic Chemistry I Lab
  • CHEM-0054: Organic Chemistry II Lab
  • CSHD-0001: Child Study & Human Development
  • EC-0012: Intermediate Macro Theory
  • HIST-0054: Europe Since 1815
  • MATH-0032: Calculus I
  • MATH-0034: Calculus II
  • MATH-0042: Calculus III
  • MATH-0051: Differential Equations
  • PS-0061: Intro to International Relations
  • PSY-0001: Intro to Psychology
  • PSY-0031: Stats for Behavioral Sciences
  • SOC-0001: Intro to Sociology
  • SPN-0001: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPN-0002: Elementary Spanish II
  • SPN-0003: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPN-0022: Composition/Conversation II

You can search JumboSearch to look up titles on Course Reserves or use the Tisch website.  We will be adding these titles to reserve throughout January, so check the catalog for more info on availability.