Public Domain Day 2019

On January 1 of this year, works of art, literature, music, film, and more fell into the public domain in the United States for the first time since 1998. Works in the public domain are no longer copyrighted and can be used by anybody, for any purpose, without needing to ask permission. They can be freely remixed, performed, shared, mashed up, or turned into new works.

This year, works first published in 1923 entered into the public domain, joining all works published prior to that date which were already out of copyright. Some notable works from that year include:

Tisch Library digitized some books from 1923 in its collection that entered into the public domain this year. They now appear online in digital form for the first time! Some of the titles include:

See more 1923 books from Tisch’s collection in the Internet Archive here.

To read more about Public Domain Day 2019 and works entering the public domain this year, check out:


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