Textbooks on Reserve for Fall 2018

When we asked students about what we could do to improve the textbook pilot, the answer was a resounding "more."  More titles for more courses, more copies of books.  We are working on it.  In the mean time, we are processing the required textbooks for the following courses on reserve:

  • ARB-0001 Elem Mod Standard Arabic
  • BIO-0013 Cells & Organisms w/lab
  • CH-0001 Intro to Community Health
  • CH-0030 Community Health Methods
  • CH-0056 Intro to Global Health
  • CHEM-0001 Chemistry Fundamentals w/lab
  • CHEM-0002 Chem Principles w/lab
  • CHEM-0011 General Chemistry
  • CHEM-0051 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM-0053 Organic Chemistry I Lab
  • COMP-0011 Intro to Computer Science
  • COMP-0015 Data Structures
  • COMP-0160 Algorithms
  • CSHD-0001 Child Study & Human Development
  • EC-0005 Principles of Economics
  • EC-0012 Intermediate Macro Theory
  • EC-0013 Statistics
  • HIST-0053 Europe to 1850
  • MATH-0032 Calculus I
  • MATH-0034 Calculus II
  • MATH-0042 Calculus III
  • MATH-0051 Differential Equations
  • PHY-0011 General Physics I w/lab
  • PHY-0012 General Physics II w/lab
  • PS-0061 Intro to International Relations
  • PSY-0001 Intro to Psychology
  • PSY-0031 Stats for Behavioral Sciences
  • SOC-0001 Intro to Sociology
  • SPN-0001 Elementary Spanish I
  • SPN-0002 Elementary Spanish II
  • SPN-0003 Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPN-0022 Composition/Conversation II

Check our Course Reserves page for more info on course reserves.

There are lots of creative solutions on campus to making course materials more affordable.  Check out Student Life's Book it Foward program, TCU's Tufts Textbook Exchange for additional programs.