Print Journals Project on Level G

Things are getting a little hectic in the normally quiet Level G.  There may be some disruption to quiet study through mid-April during weekdays as we work on condensing the collection of print journals.  Work will happen in the area from 8am-4:30pm on Monday-Friday.  There should be little impact to quiet study in this space on evenings and weekends.  Those seeking quiet spaces to study during weekdays can try the Hirsh Reading Room (Level 2), the hemicycle (Level 2) during the morning, and various carrels and nooks throughout the main stacks (Level 1).

What is the project?
After careful review and with feedback from faculty, we are recycling a number of journal titles.  We’ve selected only those titles for which we have identical coverage online.  There should be no loss of access to information.

The project is in three phases. 

  1. The titles are removed to be recycled.
  2. The remaining titles are condensed to empty out an area of Level G.
  3. During the summer, the empty space will be enclosed and turned into secure, onsite collections space for Tisch and Digital Collections & Archives.


Send your questions to Martha Kelehan, Head of Scholarly Communications & Collections.


7:45am - 1:00am