Print Journals Project

Space. The perpetual campus challenge. Tisch and Digital Collections & Archives are working on a project that will increase the on-site, secure space available for collections. In order to prepare for summer construction, we need to reduce the footprint of the collection of bound print journals on Level G this winter and spring.

We have prepared a list of titles that we are considering withdrawing and are seeking your feedback.

Spreadsheet: (see Column D: Years to Withdraw)

In order for us to begin this process over intersession and to minimize the disruption to students and faculty, please let Martha Kelehan ( know your concerns about particular titles by January 12, 2018.

The Details

The titles under consideration are only those for which we own the online archive. We did a similar project in 2013 focused on withdrawing titles that were available in JSTOR. This project expands to cover other publishers for which we have online archives (e.g. Elsevier, Sage, Springer). Not under consideration are titles from art history, photography, or mathematics, where reference to print journals complements online access.

The spreadsheet is arranged two ways. On the first tab is a list of all titles arranged alphabetically by title. If you want to see if a particular title is under consideration for this project, start here. The other tabs divvy up the titles by broad disciplinary area. This method is more useful if you want to browse by call numbers.

Just to reiterate, we will only be withdrawing material for which we have complete duplicate electronic access, and are confident in our ability to maintain that access.


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