Tisch Textbook Courses Selected for Spring

We've selected the list of courses for the Tisch Textbook pilot.  Thanks to the generous support of Dean Glaser, and with the assistance of Associate Dean Rob Mack, we have selected 42 courses for the spring semester pilot. 

We focused on a mix of high-enrollment courses and courses that are open to non-majors. To that we added some classes that would give us some additional breadth across the curriculum.  Where possible, we are reusing courses taught in both fall and spring semester.  And we definitely took into account classes with really high textbook costs and tried to add them to the mix too.

Spring 2017 Tisch Textbook Courses

We will have copies of the required textbooks for these courses on reserve in time for classes this spring.  Students no longer need to use the books just in Tisch - they can check them out to bring to class, back to the dorms - for four hours at a time.

The above list is just classes selected to be in the pilot.  Many other classes put materials on reserve.   Search for materials on course reserves.

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