Tisch Library Survey Results

Tisch Library conducts a survey of faculty and students on a biannual basis to determine how we can better meet the academic needs of the Arts & Sciences and Engineering communities. Thank you to the 942 undergraduate students, 266 graduate students and 180 faculty members who responded to this spring’s survey (31% student and 25% faculty response rate). And congratulations to the students and faculty who were randomly selected to win JumboCash or a Tufts Bookstore card in appreciation for completing the survey: Jaclyn Foisy, Jenna Eldridge, Lancy Downs, Laura Quinto, Lydia Abel, Megan Kuhnle, Peter Ohm, Ryan Osgood and Professor Dan Barch.

This summer, we will spend time analyzing the survey results and implementing as many improvements as we can—stay tuned! We’ve been busy reading over 1700 comments on how to improve library hours, spaces, services and collections. Here are a few of the highlights (and lowlights) of what you had to say:


  • "I really appreciate the service of being able to check out laptops, it's helped me so much in both my personal work, and my work study job on campus."
  • "The access to electronic journal articles is excellent, thanks so much!"
  • "Digital design lab, intro sessions (illustrator, etc.), and subject librarians (or people who can help with camerawork, editing, digital design lab, etc)"
  • "You can check out mac chargers and bicycles and helmets and headphones!!! If you need an object there's a good chance you can check it out at the circulation desk.  You can request scans of book chapters!!"
  • "I am impressed that librarians are open to responding to any need that I have for teaching or research.  Tisch is a great library."


  • "Currently the designations between quiet areas and group areas get blurred when the library is busy. Even in areas marked quiet study, people are very loud. Also, many of the cubicle style desks do not have working outlets which is frustrating."
  • "If the spaces were more bright, rather than drab, I feel like I would have a slightly more pleasant time doing work. Every time I am at Tisch I get a hint of sadness as I have to begin my never ending assignments, and a brighter atmosphere could make all the difference."
  • "Be open 24 hours, like most university libraries. Opening at 10AM on the weekends does not help when I need to do work earlier, and closing at 9PM on Fridays and Saturdays makes it difficult for me to access necessary resources at night on weekends, when I have the most availability to do research."
  • "I dislike the (relatively) new JumboSearch in that when I'm searching for something and we don't have it, it often returns book reviews or other miscellaneous references to the item itself. I rarely need these subsidiary materials--what I'm looking for is the resource itself!"


  • "The closing voice is really scary and traumatizing - can you maybe have some sort of audio sound before the voice comes on as a warning that the voice is going to start talking instead of the disembodied voice coming on like it's from the shining."
  • "Could you make the library easier to access somehow? It's daunting to have to climb up the hill from the side of campus I'm on in order to reach the library."
  • "I really really really appreciate the recent improvements to the tower - I have spent so much on lattes that I personally probably helped you break even already."
  • "I wish Tisch didn't look like a prison so much."


  • "As a commuter student I am so grateful for the library!  I come here every day between classes and it is so nice to have a quiet and relaxing space to study, work, or just browse the internet."
  • "The reference librarians are wonderful, I've had a few classes and workshops where they have spoken about the services the librarians can offer regarding publishing, grants and research."
  • "ILLiad was awesome!  I needed books that I used while abroad and I thought they wouldn't be available here, but I found them on ILLiad and was able to complete my assignments.  I can't stress how important ILLiad has been to my numerous research papers that I have done at Tufts."
  • "I <3 tisch   also thank you for the finals week puzzles and playdoh"

Thanks again to all who took the time to respond to the survey. Your feedback is essential to helping Tisch Library improve and meet your needs. We will be posting additional analyses throughout the summer and look forward to sharing news about improvements at the start of the fall semester.