You can now print large posters & photos at the DDS

The Digital Design Studio has recently launched a large format printing service. Our acquisition of a large Epson ink jet printer allows us to produce posters and photographs that are up to 44 inches wide by several feet in length. The printer utilizes nine different colors of ink to create sharp, long lasting and BIG prints!

When preparing materials for a conference, poster session, or assignment, the DDS can assist you not only with the production of your print, but can also offer assistance and feedback on your layout and design, as well as guide you in properly formatting your files. Prints will be priced at $5 per linear foot, and can be paid for using JumbCash and Interdepartmental Requisitions.

Please stop by the 3rd floor of Tisch to view print samples, inquire about pricing or to chat with the staff about your next project.