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Tisch Library Highlights

Tisch's Future
Jigsaw puzzle pieces
August, 2015 — The Tisch Library is a place to work together, to discover new ideas, and to enter scholarly conversations. It is a place where knowledge is both consumed and created. In this dynamic environment, we are excited about looking ahead.... More about Tisch's Future
iPads in the Library
Students use ipads in the library
June, 2015 — When First Year Education Librarian Erica Schattle ran into scheduling issues and could not secure a space with computers, she used iPads to turn a seminar room into a wireless, interactive classroom.  Students discussed the... More about iPads in the Library
Genealogy Research
Children at Ellis Island
June, 2015 — Over the years, historians have used many methods to try to tell the story of one family, one block, one village, one generation. They pore through government documents, old newspapers, Census records. They seek out diaries, letters,... More about Genealogy Research
Great Maps Giveaway
Students get maps in map room give away
February, 2015 — Like much of the information landscape, everything is changing in the map world. Government maps are now available online, allowing field researchers to open maps on portable devices and hone in on the areas in which they are most... More about Great Maps Giveaway
Room 224
Chao Chen and a student converse in room 224
February, 2015 — Where have the librarians gone? You may be wondering this as you visit Tisch Library. The good news is that they are still in the building and available to answer your research questions, but in a brand new spot called the Research... More about Room 224
Summer Graduate Fellows
Julian of Norwich statue
February, 2015 — An air of mystery attended the arrival of the Summer 2014 Tisch Library Graduate Humanities Fellows. Adam Spellmire, a PhD candidate in English, was investigating the medieval literature of quests for objects that cannot be... More about Summer Graduate Fellows
Library as Workspace
laptop, books and pen
July, 2015 — Every other year Tisch Library conducts a survey of students, faculty, and staff. Thank you to all who participated! Here are a few highlights from what we learned from the last survey, and some of the ways Tisch is responding. 2014... More about Library as Workspace
Students in the DDS
Student uses recording equipment
November, 2014 — Tufts student, Eric Siegel, A13, had a vision for his assignment, but he was not sure how to pull it off, Siegel turned to the Digital Design Studio (DDS) to help him complete a documentary project he had conceptualized for a Food... More about Students in the DDS
Mural in Tisch
section of the mural
December, 2014 — In 1982, Chinese artist Yuan Yun-sheng (b. 1937, Nantong) was invited to Tufts as an artist-in-residence, where he created this six-panel mural cycle Two Ancient Chinese Tales – Blue + Red + Yellow = White? for the Wessell Library... More about Mural in Tisch
section of a palladio illustration
June, 2014 — Enormous research libraries, such as those at Harvard and Stanford, grab headlines devoted to the Google Books project, but libraries of all types and sizes have unique holdings to contribute to the digital corpus of texts and images on... More about Digitization