Tufts Libraries Staff Art Exhibition

close-up of an outdoor sculpture made of horsehair with sky and trees appearing through the strands

Tisch Library staff, including staff from the two branch libraries - the Lilly Music Library and the W. Van Alan Clark, Jr. Library (SMFA) - are displaying their work in the Tower Gallery through 23 August 2019. The exhibition features photographs; cross-stitch; a linocut on paper with inkjet text; collage; sculpture; yarn creations; ink, watercolor, and colored pencil renderings; audio and video installations; light art; and interactive text.  


Chris Barbour, Julie-Ann Bryson, Kylie Burnham, Amey Callahan, Chao Chen, Harriet Chenkin, Miles Donovan, Kimberly Forero-Arnías, Ari Gofman, Darin Murphy, Leo Settoducato, and Kris Thompson



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