Tisch Plans for the Future

Jigsaw puzzle pieces

August, 2015 — The Tisch Library is a place to work together, to discover new ideas, and to enter scholarly conversations. It is a place where knowledge is both consumed and created. In this dynamic environment, we are excited about looking ahead.

Last fall, the staff in Tisch Library completed a strategic plan for 2015-2017. The thematic priorities identified in the plan are where we will intensify our efforts so that we may have a greater impact on the educational and research experience at Tufts:

  • Transforming spaces and services to enhance and enrich learning
  • Fostering research and knowledge creation
  • Curating and stewarding the scholarly record

Specific objectives include expanding in-depth research consultation, teaching digital and media literacy, and – moving towards a larger renovation of the building – increasing both group learning spaces and places for quiet study. We want to deepen collections, especially in areas where Tufts has research strength. And we will accelerate our efforts to facilitate the evolving, expanding environment of digital scholarship at Tufts.

The plan was developed through a series of discussions among staff and stakeholders, looking out at the educational and research environments as well as at what we know about our experience with our own students and faculty. The result is a working plan with a focus on demonstrable results.

We hope you'll take a look. To share feedback or ask questions, we invite you to contact Laura Wood, Director of Tisch Library. If you'd like to learn more about our process, please see this note from the director.