Large Format Printing Available in the DDS

Large format printer in action

August, 2015 — Since January, the Digital Design Studio has been offering large format printing services to the Tufts community. Faculty, staff, and students are welcome to print conference posters, photographs, and other projects on our Epson ink jet printer, which produces prints up to 44 inches wide by 100 feet long. Yes, up to 100 feet long! 

The printer uses 9 archival-quality inks to create color-accurate and highly detailed images in a short period of time, and for a nominal price of only $5 per linear foot. On average, the cost of printing in the DDS is 60% less than going to an off-campus print service. Furthermore, most prints can be made while you wait, and an appointment is not necessary. 

In addition to making your prints, the Digital Design Studio staff are happy to schedule consultations with patrons to discuss special projects, assist with file formatting, or simply offer guidance and feedback on the design of a poster. 

student with poster

During the first three months of 2015 we produced 96 prints, which included numerous conference posters, photographic portfolios, and several personal projects. To learn more about this service, please stop by the Digital Design Studio (located on the 3rd floor of Tisch). If you are a faculty member who would like to integrate the printing service into your curriculum, please email Marc Raila, one of our Digital Media Technologists.