Israeli Arts Fellowship at Tufts University Hillel

Over the course of spring semester 2021, a cohort of 3 artists participated in the first ever Israeli Arts Fellowship at Tufts University Hillel. These artists participated in hands-on workshops where they learned directly from Israeli artists specializing in various disciplines spanning dance, percussion, graffiti, painting, and jewelry design. Visiting artists also shared knowledge about persevering as an artist, building one’s own business and brand, and how their connection to Israel informs their work. Aside from workshop days, the fellows conducted their own research into subjects such as Israeli photographers, the Kabbalistic artists of Tzfat, and ancient Israeli architecture. Displayed here are the final passion projects of the Israeli Arts Fellowship, where each fellow took an aspect that inspired them during the program and created a work informed by the Israeli art form or artist. 




7:45am - 9:00pm