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Tisch Library Highlights

Robert Frank:
Funeral photograph by Robert Frank
Robert Frank: Books and Films, 1947–2017 Exhibition Dates: Saturday, October 7- Sunday, November 5, 2017 This experimental exhibition shows the work of the great artist, Robert Frank (b. 1924, Zurich), who is considered the inventor of... More about Robert Frank:
3D Printing
The Digital Design Studio is excited to announce the opening of our 3D Printing Service. With two Flashforge Creator Pro printers, Tisch Library now offers free, on-demand 3D printing to Tufts community members. As part of the Jumbo Maker... More about 3D Printing
Common Reading
book cover image from The Outrage Industry
The Common Reading Program book for the Class of 2021 and transfer students entering in Fall 2017 is The Outrage Industry: Political Opinion Media and the New Incivility, by Jeffrey M. Berry and Sarah Sobieraj. It is available at Tisch Library as an... More about Common Reading
New online exhibits
Leaf from a fifteenth century French Book of Hours
Tisch Library and Tufts Digital Collections and Archives (DCA) recently launched, where you’ll find online exhibits highlighting some of the unique items that Tisch holds in its collections. Our very first exhibit, “Gathered... More about New online exhibits
black lives matter logo
Learning more about #BlackLivesMatter? Stop by the lobby of Tisch Library to borrow the following books. Online books and streaming films can be viewed from any location. Alexander, Michelle. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age... More about #BlackLivesMatter
Literature from Iran,
Cover Image from The Book of Khartoum
We've selected literature from the stacks and also ordered a number of more popular novels and memoirs for the Tower Cafe Leisure Reading collection.  We will add books as they come in, so please check back often. Let us know what titles we... More about Literature from Iran,
Beyond Words
Tisch special collection piece
Beyond Words is the largest ever North American exhibition of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, featuring over 250 magnificent books in Boston-area collections, including three beautifully illuminated and bound volumes from Tisch Library Special... More about Beyond Words
Common Reading
Book cover of "Lives in Limbo"
The Common Reading Program book for the Class of 2020 and transfer students entering in Fall 2016 is Lives in Limbo: Undocumented and Coming of Age in America, by Roberto G. Gonzales. It is available at Tisch Library as an ebook... More about Common Reading
Digital Design Studio
Large format printer in action
August, 2015 — Since January, the Digital Design Studio has been offering large format printing services to the Tufts community. Faculty, staff, and students are welcome to print conference posters, photographs, and other projects on our Epson ink... More about Digital Design Studio