From the director – Strategic planning at Tisch Library

This fall, the staff in Tisch Library completed a strategic plan for 2015-2017. We have a tradition of 3-year plans, which allow us to balance longer-term ambitions with the rapid change we experience in libraries. As a result, the plan is more tactical than the school plans for A&S or SOE, and quite shorter in time horizon than the University's T10 plan.


We began with the annual planning retreat for the library's management team. This set off an iterative conversation of working on the plan as a team, then consulting with wider constituents, and then reconvening for further refinement by the leadership group. We spent considerable time with the entire library staff looking out at the educational and research library environment to educate ourselves and each other about the opportunities and threats before us. Over time, various themes and priorities emerged into a draft plan. This was then shared with the entire staff, the AS&E Faculty Library Committee, the A&S Dean's Steering Committee, and the University Library Council, with revisions based on the feedback from each group.

New Mission Statement

As we began discussing our goals, considerable attention was paid to the definition of "research library." With Tufts so clearly defining itself as a research university, it was fitting to assess the extent to which Tisch Library is supporting our research mission. We came to the conclusion that our library mission statement was too narrowly defined. Therefore we have crafted a revised mission statement to reflect the expanded role we serve in support of the university.

Tufts is a student-centered research university dedicated to the creation and application of knowledge. - from the University mission statement

Tisch Library is a strong partner in the pursuit of that mission. We do this by:

  • Supporting and teaching the research process
  • Enabling inquiry, discovery, creation and sharing of knowledge
  • Contributing to the worldwide stewardship of the scholarly record

Tisch serves as the primary library and a core teaching resource for the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering, while collaborating with other libraries and units to provide essential services to the entire Tufts community.

The new mission statement and strategic plan will guide our future work and decision making. We look forward to updating the community on our progress as time goes on.

Prior Strategic Plans

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