Erasmus engravingImage of engraving of Erasmus opposite tipped in manuscript from Erasmus’ Colloquia (Basel: 1636) in Tisch Special Collections available on the Flickr page for Tisch Library Special Collections, Tufts University.

Tisch Library’s digitization program seeks to broaden access to our rare and unique holdings in support of research and teaching interests at Tufts, but also in the larger scholarly community (see “Digitization Transforms Teaching and Learning”). By digitizing material and making it available in open repositories, we collaborate with libraries, archives, museums, and other heritage centers to advance research agendas around the world.

Tisch has had an active digitization program for nearly a decade. We have partnered with other libraries in the Boston Library Consortium to digitize our holdings through the Internet Archive. The books we’ve digitized can be found in our catalog, but also by searching the Internet Archive.

Chart of books digitizedAmount of books digitized by the Internet Archive for Tisch.

As members of the Hathi Trust, we can send digital files of material we scanned for inclusion in that massive digital library as well. In spring 2015, we started sending unique holdings (such as the Christian Herald) to be added to Hathi.

Because we like to experiment with getting our content out to where it might get used, we’ve even got digitized material from our Special Collections and Rare Books program available on Flickr.

Although sometimes it makes sense to work with partners like the Internet Archive, we have been developing our in-house capabilities. If you’d like to talk about how digitization might support your research or teaching, get in touch.