Media Literacy

The Digital Design Studio (DDS) is constantly striving to increase the adoption of digital media as part of the educational experience at Tufts. Our efforts have resulted in significant and diverse inroads.

How Tufts Uses the DDS

graph of different types of users of the digital design studio

The DDS continues to have a strong buy-in from the science and foreign language departments, and has been busy expanding into the social sciences and creative fields including dance and filmmaking.

infographic of what DDS does for users and how many they have

How the DDS supports Tufts

The DDS meets with faculty to assist in curriculum development, project scoping and logistical planning. Throughout the semester the DDS offers hands-on support, such as technical workshops, one-on-one consultations, critical feedback and grading support.

In FY15, the DDS consulted with 26 classes and held 21 workshops, working with 1,644 people in the Tufts community.


Scholarly Output

Here are a few succesful and creative student projects that were produced in collaboration with the DDS.

images from media made at the DDS See the videos: Coral-Algal Mutualisms, We be the Niger Delta, Spacial Relations in Language.