Search Help

Tisch Library has a complex array of resources, both print and electronic. There are a lot of possible ways to approach any given research project. Below are a few places to start. 

JumboSearch, BLC - What are these? Which should I use?

JumboSearch, etc are names for the different options for searching what we have here at the library (these are called catalogs, but they are all searchable online). Depending on what you're looking for, you may find that one of the catalogs is better to use. This page explains which catalog to choose.

Find a book

Use the library catalog to search for what Tisch has, or BLC Worldcat to search for things we can request from other libraries.

Find articles on a topic

We subscribe to collections of journal articles we call databases. Which one you want varies by your research topic.

Here's the A to Z list, but for suggestions on where to start, try a research guide or ask a librarian.

Talk to the experts

Make an appointment with a librarian, or just ask a question.