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Instructors - looking for the form to place material on reserve? Request items to be put on reserve.

Students, reserve information is located in the catalog. You can search for them above.

What are reserves?

Your instructors may have identified common resources that everyone in their classes need to use. If the sources are digital and placed online, they are on Trunk. But if it’s a book or other physical item, they can ask the library to put them aside (behind the circulation desk), where students can check them out to use for shorter periods of time, typically for a few hours.

Where can I find out what's on reserve?

Reserve information is located in our catalog. You can search for them below by course number or instructor name. Please ask for materials by call number and title.

How do I check out reserves?

Students can only check out one reserve item at a time. Books and other printed materials can be checked out from the circulation desk on the second floor near the main entrance. DVDs can be checked out from the Media desk up on the third floor. The Music Library, located in Granoff, also has CDs on reserve.

I'm teaching a class. How do I put items on reserve?

Find out more information about putting items on reserve.


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